PLPNA Board of Directors Announces the Extension of PLPNA Boundaries

One spark of interest from a bordering neighbor set off a year of surveying, research and finally on November 3, 2014 a unanimous vote to extend the boundaries of PLPNA to include both sides of Escolta and a portion of Wawona Streets. Below is the formal description of our Association and boundaries.

Pine Lake Park Neighborhood Association (“Association”) formerly Crestlake Property Owner  Association was founded in 1939 when the first  houses were built in this area. The Pine  Lake Park Neighborhood Association encompasses approximately 470 homes.
The homes are located within the following boundaries : North side of Sloat Boulevard , from 19th Avenue to Sunset Boulevard to the South side of Wawona Street , from the
corner of Crestlake Drive , 34th Avenue and Wawona Street to 28th Avenue , and including Escolta Way. The Association has 15 volunteer directors from the neighborhood
who strive to create a  community oriented and safer neighborhood. The revenue to support the Association comes from membership dues , which are $25 per household per
calendar year.

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