Taraval Station Meeting



Last Wednesday, March 22nd, the Pine Lake Park Neighborhood Association held a safety meeting at the Taraval Police Station, because we, like many of our neighbors, are concerned about the number of break-ins in our area.
Briefly, here are some of the things we have learned.
– A representative form the station said that burglaries are up all over the Sunset, including Pine Lake Park. this includes what they call \”Hot Prowls\”, which means that the homeowner was home at the time of the break-in. The station has increased patrols with both marked and unmarked cars in our area. Six suspects have been arrested, but there are probably more out there.
– If an unknown person comes to your door, do not open it, simply tell them you are not interested through a closed door. It is better if they know that someone is home. If you are concerned call 911. If you see something that is suspicious, but not an emergency, you can also call (415) 553-0123
– A representative from SF Safe gave a lot of pointers about home safety. They gave a lot of important advice such as; never leaving your garage door opener in your car, securing deadbolt strike plates with longer screws and having good cameras outside your house, just to mention just a few. SF Safe offers a free inspection of your house and let you know what you can do to make your home safer. You can contact them at sfsafe.org
– Participate in a neighbor watch program
– Good lighting is important outside your house. Thieves know how to avoid the motion activated lights. If streetlights are out you can report them by calling 311
– If you see a crime being committed at Lakeshore Plaza call 911. You can also call their security service at (415) 720-5663 for a non-emergency situation.
Stay safe
David Hirtzel
Pine Lake Park Neighborhood Association

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