Board & Planned Events

Board of Directors PLPNA 2016

Missing Rodger Ball

Missing Rodger Ball


Volunteer directors from the neighborhood run the PLPNA. Meetings of the directors are held 3 times a year, or as needed, and are open to all neighbors to share their concerns about our neighborhood. The PLPNA is also open to any other neighborhood wide ideas or projects that the association can help coordinate – such as our annual multi-family garage sale, the Night at the Symphony for neighborhood associations, etc. Any PLPNA member can serve on the board. We are always looking for talent willing to volunteer some time for our beautiful community.

Officers- 2016
David Hirtzel –  President
Mike Montague- Secretary
Donald E. Ellison – Treasurer


Term Expires at Annual Dinner Meeting (General Meeting) 2017

Donald Ellison

John Gates

David Hirtzel

Robert Shapiro

Term Expires at Annual Dinner Meeting (General Meeting) 2018

Jane Knox

Mike Montague

Diane Kennedy

Alex Leanse

Natalie Simotas

Term Expires at Annual Dinner Meeting (General Meeting) 2019

Rich Lee

Kathy Montague

Jerry Simotas

Pat Keller

Rodger Ball

Legal Advisor

Tim Halloran

Chairs for Upcoming Events 2016

Annual Dinner Meeting           Kathy Montague       Feb.25, 2017
Newsletter- Spring                   Rich Lee                      Spring/summer
Bowling Night                           Jeannette Dutil         October TBD
BBQ Picnic                                Mike Montague         August 27, 2016
Social Informal                         Rob Shapiro              June 23, 2016
Stern Grove Festival                David Hirtzel            Summer TBD
Neighborhood Garage Sale    Alex Leanse &  Jerry Simotas   Sept. 10, 2016
All SF Concert                          Jane Knox                  Sept. 8, 2016
Sunset Cruise                             Kathy Montague     June 4, 2016
WOTPCC                                    David Golden           Ongoing
NERT                                          John Gates                Ongoing
Sunshine                                    Diane Kennedy         Ongoing
Membership                             Alex Leanse               Ongoing
Craft Nights                              Kathy Montague       June 10, 2016 and ongoing