What Can Be Done- Crime in the Western Residential Neighborhoods

Dear WTPCC and BTHA Colleagues,

Our next monthly WTPCC meeting will be on Monday, May 23, 2016, at 7:30 p.m., at the Forest Hill Clubhouse, 381 Magellan Avenue.  We plan to devote the entire meeting, apart from brief regular business, to a discussion of our grave concern over the increasing level of crime in our western residential neighborhoods and their adjacent shopping streets.

We have invited District Attorney Gascon, Public Defender Adachi, and Assistant District Attorney Wong, to attend.  We understand that DA Gascon has a conflict that evening, but we understand that PD Adachi and ADA Wong will be there. We have also invited Chief Suhr and the captains of the three police stations within the WTPCC area, Taraval, Ingleside, and Park.

Finally, we have invited Supervisor Yee.

We look forward to a full and frank discussion.


Roger Ritter

In addition PLPNA has requested that Katy Tang be invited to this meeting.


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